Studi Kasus di PPM Al Muhibbin Jatirogo Tuban


  • Soeprihadi - STAI Al Kamal Sarang Rembang
  • Rohmat Guru Pondok Pesantren Al Muhibbin Jatirogo Tuban

Kata Kunci:

Sistem Pendidikan, Pondok Pesantren, Life Skill, Santri


The progressive view of the development of the Indonesian nation in the era of globalization is directed at the realization of quality human beings, and that is one of the responsibilities of education, especially in preparing students to become subjects who increasingly play a role in displaying their strong, creative, independent and professional excellence in their respective fields. Ideally, people who receive education, both formal and non-formal, at least have skills about the life they face, especially in the world of work. In fact, there are still a lot of educated unemployed people, both those issued by formal and non-formal educational institutions that are still unused, and there are still doubts in the world of work about the output issued by the pesantren. Therefore it is necessary to conduct research on "the boarding school education system in improving the life skills of students (study at PPM Al Muhibbin Jatirogo Tuban)". The focus of this research are: (1) How the education system at Al Muhibbin Islamic Boarding School improves the life skills of students; and (2) What are the supporting and inhibiting factors of the Al Muhibbin Islamic Boarding School Education System in improving the life skills of students. This research was conducted at Pondok Pesantren Al Muhibbin Jatirogo Tuban using a qualitative approach, with a case study design. Data collection techniques are carried out through: (1) Observation;
(2) Interview / Interview; and (3) Documentation Study. The results of this study indicate that, (1) Al Muhibbin Islamic Boarding School managing its education by creating a modern education model that is integrated with the classical teaching system and the yellow books material. But all educational systems ranging from teaching techniques, subject matter, facilities and infrastructure are designed based on the modern education system. There are several areas of management of Islamic boarding schools that are used to improve the life skills of students, namely through Madrasah Diniyah, routine recitation, organization, curriculum, infrastructure and development of life skills. (2) Al Muhibbin Islamic Boarding School has several supporting factors for its education system, including: the ability of caregivers, strong and visionary leaders and the environment and society; As for the constraints in the management of the Al Muhibbin Islamic Boarding School education system, including: the teaching staff factor, the santri factor, and the santri guardian factor.

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Rohmat, Guru Pondok Pesantren Al Muhibbin Jatirogo Tuban

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