• Khairul Wahyudi Sekolah Tinggi Agama Islam Al Kamal (STAIKA) Sarang Rembang


Kafaah, Analysis of the Hadith Marriage


Indonesia is a plural country built from a diversity of ethnicities, cultures, races and religions. One of the most fundamental sides of the pluralism of the Indonesian nation is the existence of a plurality of religions embraced by its population, in Islam views marriage as something sacred and noble, because it includes worship to Allah SWT, following the sunnah of the Prophet and carried out on the basis of sincerity, responsibility and following legal provisions. In this regard, the author is pleased to conduct research on the hadith which forms the basis of Kafaah using a socio-historical approach. The focus of this discussion raises the issue of 1) How is the concept of Kafaah in the perspective of hadith marriage? 2) What is the contextual analysis of the hadith about Kafaah in the present? The result of this discussion on kafaah is that in order to understand the meaning of kafaah in marriage, the aspect of being careful in choosing a life partner is a very important element. One of the considerations in choosing a life partner is through the Kafaah process. Kafaah is very necessary so that the purpose of marriage can be achieved in realizing a sakinah, mawadah and rahmah family. Balance, harmony, compatibility between the bride and groom, both in physical form, wealth, position, knowledge, and so on, are important factors in realizing the purpose of marriage. Marriage is not kufu, it will be difficult to create happiness in the household.